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Marquette offers twenty-four (24) scholarships to help offset the cost of an MCHS education. Often, the availability of merit based scholarships and/or need based aid is the key determining factor in whether a student will attend Marquette.

Approximately 50% of the students at MCHS receive some form of financial assistance through merit scholarships, financial aid or both.  

How can you set up a scholarship? 

A family decides to set up a scholarship and provides a gift of at least $10,000. The gift is invested in the endowment according to the endowment investment guidelines. Each year, 5% of the principal is provided to a deserving student according to the family's wishes. Many families add to their original gift each year, thereby increasing the principal amount invested. 

There are ten MCHS graduates in the Smith Family. Each member is grateful for their Marquette education and wants to help future generations of students. 
The Smith family provides $15,000, which is invested. 
$750 is provided annually to a deserving student (5% of principal)
All remaining gains are reinvested. The scholarship amount increases gradually over time as the original investment grows. 

The following scholarships have been generously established. If you would like to discuss setting up a scholarship please contact the Development Office at 618-463-0585 ext. 1. All requests for anonymity will be honored.  

  • Marquette Catholic Founder’s Scholarship - This scholarship was established anonymously to provide financial assistance to students based on financial need.
  • The Jane Morrissey Memorial Scholarship - Awarded annually to a student who has shown exceptional academic achievement in romance language and plans to continue such studies.  It is endowed by family members in memory of Jane Morrissey, a 1979 graduate of Marquette, who continued her college studies in France.
  • Judge Michael & Irma Kinney Scholarship - This scholarship is given to a student on the basis of financial need.  Students from St. Bernard’s (Holy Angels) parish in Wood River are given first preference.  If no student applies meeting this criterion, the Committee shall designate another qualified student.  The scholarship is funded by the daughters of Judge Michael and Irma Kinney in their memory.
  • The Marc Roller Scholarship - This scholarship is given to a junior student on the basis of financial need.  A grade point average of 3.0 must be attained and participation or leadership in academic, athletic or social organizations.  Named in memory of Marc Roller, a former Marquette student who was fatally injured in an auto accident, the scholarship is funded by the Roller family.
  • The Mark L. & Edith E. Lambert-Roberta Kratschmer Education Fund - This scholarship was created for the sole benefit of promoting and advancing Catholic secondary education at Marquette Catholic High School.  Funded by Edith Lambert and her sister Roberta Kratschmer, students must attain a 3.0 grade point average and show financial need.  Students must submit references from their pastor and elementary principal or a teacher.
  • The John W. Halloran Education Fund - Established in memory of John W. Halloran, a member of the 1981 graduating class of Marquette, this scholarship is awarded annually.  Applicants must submit a report of historical nature chosen by the Department of History.  This scholarship is based on financial need.
  • The Kelley Dennis Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was established in memory of Kelley Dennis, a member of the 1986 graduating class of Marquette.  It is awarded to an incoming freshman annually.  Applicants must demonstrate a basis of financial need and receive a recommendation from their elementary principal.
  • The A. Rudolph and Katharine Z. Green Scholarship - This scholarship was created to provide assistance in tuition for deserving students attending Marquette Catholic High School.  It was established by the estate of Katharine Z. Green, a loyal supporter of Marquette for many years. This scholarship is based on financial need.
  • The Joyce Matthey Litzler Scholarship for Children of Catholic School Teachers - This scholarship, endowed by the Litzler family, is in honor of Joyce Matthey Litzler, alumnae of Marquette and educator for many years.  The scholarship is open to children of Catholic elementary school teachers of Marquette’s parish feeder schools.  It is based upon financial need, student’s interest in attending Marquette and academic achievement.
  • The Mary Pat Walters Schmidt Memorial Scholarship - Established in memory of Mary Pat Walters-Schmidt, a member of the MCHS graduating class of 1972, this scholarship is awarded annually to an incoming freshman.  Applicants must submit a report of scientific nature and have the recommendation of their elementary science teacher.  Selection may include an interview process.  The scholarship is based on financial need.
  • The Helen Crofton Ladendorff Scholarship Fund - Established in memory of Helen R. Ladendorff, a member of the MCHS class of 1930, this scholarship is available to students attending Marquette.  The scholarship is based on financial need.
  • The Dwight Werts Family Scholarship - This scholarship was created by the family of Dwight Werts. Preference is to be given to a third or fourth generation member of a family attending Marquette.  The scholarship is based on financial need.  Recipients must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. 
  • Marquette Explorer Club Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded by the Marquette Explorer Club.
  • Rose Morelli/NHS Scholarship - National Honor Society scholarship named after a long time Marquette English Teacher and National Honor Society moderator, Rose Morelli. Funded through NHS annual fundraisers.
  • Ann J. Schubert Scholarship - A scholarship established in 2008 in memory of Ann Schubert, a member of the class of 1962.
  • Edmund and Trixie Morrissey, Sr. Scholarship -This scholarship was established by the Morrissey family in honor of their father, Edmund Morrissey, Sr. and mother, Trixie.  It is awarded annually to a Senior student who has exhibited those attributes necessary to be a leader of men/women.  The recipient must also maintain a 3.5 GPA.
  • Marquette Work Scholarship - Students can work a week or two at Marquette over the summer months earning credit towards his/her tuition.
  • The Francis Fund Scholarship (formerly Angela Merici) - This scholarship was created to bring more diversity to our student body.  It is offered in the form of a grant based on financial need.  The scholarship can provide up to 75% of the tuition costs for those students who meet the criteria academically, financially and in terms of extracurricular. Once it has been awarded, the amount is automatically renewable for each year the student attends Marquette.

The following scholarships are offered and are awarded annually without an individual application:

  • Father Marquette Scholarship - Scholarship made possible through small donations/memorials/student fines & fees.
  • Mother Mildred Scholarship -Scholarship made possible through small donations/memorials/student fines & fees.
  • Drew Schmidt Memorial Scholarship - Scholarship made possible through the generosity of the Schmidt family in memory of Drew, a 2004 graduate of MCHS.
  • Principal’s Scholarship - This scholarship deducts $1,000.00 from tuition to the top 10% on the Eighth-grade entrance exam.
  • Springfield Diocese Harvest of Thanks, Springtime of Hope Endowment - This scholarship is made possible by the Springfield Diocese in Illinois.  In ’13-’14 it amounted to $4000.00 spread out among a few Catholic students.
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