Scholarship Opportunities

The checklist for getting into college starts when you walk through the front doors of MCHS on your first day of high school.  Before you know it, you're ready to head off to college.  Marquette's goal is to prepare you not just to get into college but, most importantly, to graduate  from college. You do your part: get good grades, study for the ACT or SAT, participate in extra-curricular activities, build up your resume, and complete service hours.  For many, the last hurdle is the financial aspect of paying for college. 

There are millions of scholarships offered through local and national organizations, foundations, corporations, and civic groups.  Scholarships are awarded for many reasons.  Whereas some scholarships are based on merit alone, other scholarships have an array of criteria and requirements.  

There are many websites out there to begin your search for the perfect fit: your need and their parameters. Very soon, we will be updating our Scholarship Application  page with scholarships available for the 2019 school year but, in the meantime, we suggest you begin your search with these links: (also a mobile app)


  • Check out the university websites you are applying to for scholarship opportunities.  
  • Have your family members check with their HR Departments.  Many large employers offer scholarships to their employees' family members. 
  • Many trade and professional organizations offer scholarships to their members' family members.
  • You can find scholarships for the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps at, Air Force Reserve Officer Training (AFROTC) College Scholarship Section at, or Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at
  • For those who aspire to continue their athletic career in college, speak to your coaches, the Athletic Office and make sure you have registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center/Clearinghouse .
  • Most importantly, check our Scholarship Application page every week to see updates.

This may seem like an overwhelming task but, with the help of your family and the MCHS Academic Advisors, your effort can prove to be financially beneficial.  

There are millions of dollars  available to help you finance your education.  Many scholarships are not awarded only because students don't  apply!  Each scholarship has different criteria ranging from required essays, personal interviews or simply taking the time to submit an application.  Be creative and apply for multiple scholarships. There is no limit to how many you can be awarded and the awards can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  

 The Class of 2018 averaged $71,000 per graduate! 

As the scholarships come to our attention they will be listed on the Scholarship Applications page and compiled by the application deadline.  To access an application, select the tab for the month/due date. We do our best to seek out the available scholarships, but please let us know if you discover a scholarship we don't have listed. We also ask that you let the Academic Advising Office know when you are awarded a scholarship.  Good luck and feel free to contact the Academic Advising Office during office hours or email Mrs. Rivera for assistance. 

The due date listed is the date the organization MUST receive your application.  It is imperative that the application is turned into Mrs. Rivera in the Academic Advising Office no later than 5 workdays prior to the due date listed to ensure that transcripts and required paperwork may be submitted on or before the actual due date. Please note the due dates for scholarships are firm and, as a rule, scholarship application will not be accepted past the established due date.  If you have questions regarding any of the applications or submissions procedures, you may email Mrs. Rivera at  

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